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Dear neighbours,

The West Ridges Morning Brew was born during the Circuit Breaker period in Singapore. During that time, our favourite cafes were closed... so we treated ourselves to the occasional food delivery splurge. Surely some of you can relate!

Although we usually would never order fancy coffee deliveries, we one day found ourselves desperate enough to place that order because we ran out of our favourite coffee beans! It was the most expensive coffee order ever - $30 for two cups of iced coffee (inclusive of delivery charges, but it was about $9 per cup!). We were full of anticipation ....and also a tad bit guilty for spending a small fortune on a beverage, so when the coffee finally arrived, you can bet your bottom dollar that we had super high expectations!

While the coffee was alright, we were disappointed that it didn't quite match the quality of our iced coffee that we've been brewing at home for years. How is our coffee different, you may ask? While we have honed our brewing skills from years of practice, we also have a unique way of preparation by freezing our brew immediately, so our iced coffee never gets diluted. 

In short, the $30 diluted iced coffee gave us a reason to share our version of iced coffee (now affectionately known as TWRMB Signature Iced Coffee) with our estate. And what better branding to give this little venture than to name it after our neighbourhood itself? With TWRMB ice coffee balls, we offer our neighbours the convenience of affordable, premium iced coffee. As a small out-of-our-kitchen business, we cut no corners, paying special attention to every single brew, always prioritising quality over quantity.

It's a simple story, and a rather impulsive decision from our end to start with mini (admittedly slightly dodgy) coffee pick up system from our humble void deck. Little did we know that it wouldn't take long for the word to spread and for customers to keep coming back!

Without your unwavering support, The West Ridges Morning Brew would have not continued after the Circuit Breaker. Thank you for keeping this little neighbourhood brand alive, and for giving us this opportunity to serve you our Signature Iced Coffee.

Yours Sincerely,

Marcus & Tatum